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Excel essential Skills Developing Your Comprehension Skills Years 7-10

SKU: 9781741250022

Excel Developing Your Comprehension Skills aims to help Years 7-10 students become more confident and skilled readers. It provides a range of activities using interesting and contemporary texts to give students plenty of practise in reading and interpreting different kinds of texts. In Excel Developing Your Comprehension Skills Years 7-10 you will find:
comprehensive, accessible information on reading skills for Years 7-10 students
two separate sections: Part One covers the key reading skills, while Part Two enables students to practice these skills with different texts
plenty of exercises and tasks to ensure understanding of each new idea
a wide range of interesting sample texts to help students read and understand different kinds of writing
a wide variety of topics to cover a range of reader interests
youth issues, music, science, current affairs, film, sport, the environment and the future
a detailed answer section to help explain the answers

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