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Excel Basic Skills Science and Technology Years 1-2

SKU: 9781740200745

Excel Basic Skills: Science and Technology Years 1-2 is a comprehensive guide through the Science and Technology syllabus, intended to help students revise and consolidate what they have learned at school. It aims to increase confidence in a range of scientific topics, using easy-to-understand text, diagrams, quizzes and practical exercises.
Science and Technology is an important subject in out school syllabus. It is also one of the most fascinating subjects students can learn about. Science and Technology explains how our world works - from the natural world of weather and environment, to the made world of transport and electricity.
In this book your child will find:
an emphasis on scientific examples that relate to everyday life
a wide variety of interesting exercises
fun and informative practical activities
two tests to check their progress
a lift-out answer section

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