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Excel Basic Skills Multiplication and Division Years 3-4

SKU: 9781864412888

Excel Basic Skills: Multiplication and Division Year 3–4 is designed to make students feel confident in the basic processes of multiplication and division of whole numbers. It will help to satisfy the needs of slow learners, and provide enrichment opportunity for quicker learners.
Mathematics is a highly important subject in our school syllabus. It is the study of numbers - which surround us everywhere in our lives. Although computers and calculators have become the order of the day and are quite handy, the human mind controls it all. Whatever we put into the mind during the initial stages and the formative years of the child is extremely important and most significant for the years to come.
This book concentrates on the core concepts involved in dividing and multiplying numbers up to 100. Students are shown how to set out problems, how to round numbers and how to work with remainders. The activities give a solid revision in the times tables, and reinforce the correct order of operations to follow in longer problems.
Features of this book include:
Eight self-contained, carefully graded units
Hundreds of practice exercises
Quick questions and revision pages to stay in touch with previous work
Diagnostic and mastery tests to measure student's knowledge
A life-out answer section.



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