*****You are now ordering outside the Recommended Date (3 January 2020)  for your Bookpack to be ready before school starts*****


Your two options for getting your Booklist filled are below:

1.Shop and Go for an INSTANT service. Bring your Booklist into our store at 81 Caswell St East Brisbane, and our staff will pick and pack your order while you wait. You will then proceed to the checkout and take your order with you. Prices in store MAY VARY from your online ordering form and at this late stage some items may be on backorder.

2.Order anyway.  You are still able to place your order online and we are packing as fast as possible . You MAY NOT get your order before school begins, but you WILL get it.  If you choose to place your order at this late stage it may be delivered with back orders on it.  If you choose delivery we will send your back orders, if you choose pick up you will need to come back to pick up back-ordered items.  NB.**IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION YOU CANNOT CANCEL YOUR ORDER OR CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Please note, you can also no longer order "Bulk Delivered" items as quantities are now collated and stock ordered ready to be sent to school early Term 1.


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